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You Spread Love

Our mission statement explains the true purpose of YouSpreadLove.com.

"Our purpose is to help people to express love appreciation to the people in their lives in a deeper more meaningful way they than they might ever have otherwise done"

We all do better when we are appreciated and loved. We all need validation and encouragement. These are human needs as important as food and water for a person to survive and prosper.

You Spread Love was conceived to help people to give each other more love and appreciation because the is at this time often a great lack of this most wonderful gift we can give to each other. You Spread Love has wonderful tools that encourage the creation of gifts that will prove to be some of the most memorable and treasured gifts a person can receive.

There are two powerful tools that we have launched with and they are,

  1. LoveAlbums®
  2. LoveBlasts®


LoveAlbums® are the most special gifts you could give or receive.

One thing all people have in common is the need to be validated and appreciated, and that is what LoveAlbums are all about. The LoveAlbum® is a collection of thoughts and feelings expressed by a group of people about one individual. Family members, friends or co-workers can join each other and share in the process of creating an album containing all their words and some favourite photo's. The web site tools enable a collaboration of creativity and what is more, it has built in ways to get the very best contribution from all involved.

LoveAlbums can be given for Birthdays, weddings, people leaving a company after years of service, graduations, bereavements, celebrations of a milestone, and any other time when a group of people want to express their love, support or appreciation to one individual.

A LoveAlbum® can move the recipient to tears as they read all the ways they have made a difference in the lives of those giving the book.

LoveAlbums® can change a persons life as they read and understand how loved they are..... no other gift can do what a LoveAlbum® can do.

Creating a LoveAlbum® can be done by anyone who is online, it takes no new skills and is a fun activity for all the people you invite to join you in making this incredible gift.

In times like these when people are looking for more personal gifts that don't cost the earth but can mean to earth to the receiver, there can be no better gift to give than a LoveAlbum®. Making one is really easy so why not get started today? It's free to join and use and everyone you invite will thank you.


The great new way to send your love as a group message with words and photos to people you care about at times when they most need or deserve it.

There are so many times in our lives when we would appreciate a quick blast of Love. Times of great loss, times of distress, times when a few words of support can mean so much to to people you care about. Knowing that others are thinking of you brings connection and lifts our spirits. LoveBlasts® are the words and thoughts of a group of friends delivered on one powerful web page.

LoveBlasts® can be used to send congratulations and recognition for achievements such as graduations, sports wins, business milestones, birthdays, anniversaries, engagements, marriages and any other time your family or posse want to send some love.

LoveBlasts® are a great way for a family to send all their wishes and feelings to loved ones serving in the Armed Forces, or people separated by great distances on special days when a card just isn't enough.

There are so many ways to use a LoveBlast® including welcoming people to a company or team or thanking people who contribute to your cause or charity. Use the LoveBlast® function to send your groups joint messages of thanks and appreciation. LoveBlasts® are fun and easy to create.